June 26th, 2008
by admin

Devlog of a polish programmer.
I mainly program in ActionScript, because it’s easy to show your work to others.
My areas of programmin interests are – bayesian networks, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and things like “program with little effort, see nice results” -> and flash experimentation falls into this category.
Update: FLASH IS D3AD. During Flash’ fall I managed to grab an edge of JavaScript and I’m hangin from there.

Everywhere, where the code is provided, you can use it. Just add the following comment in the grabbed source file
//this miserable piece of code was created in dauntingly grayish landscapes of Poland by teleranek.org


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  1. Richard Edmonds Says:


    I’ve been looking at your sgn.teleranek.org and have been trying to achieve something similar using pdf.js

    Would it be possible to see the source code?

    kind regards,


  2. Evildave Says:

    Going over the examples on your site, I can’t find a peep about licensing on many of the things.

    I’d like to use the PSDEncoder class as part of an open source project, but I can’t use it, because you don’t have a specific kind of license for it, or even a real name to properly attribute it to.

    What should I assume, without a copyright notice? Public domain? MIT? “Look, but don’t touch”?

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