3Doodler – online 3D/2D sketch pad

April 3rd, 2010
by admin

3Doodler is… I will save my work and just ctrlv-ctrlc this paragraph from 3Doodler’s help:

3Doodler is one and half in one application. You can use it to generate 2D images ( simply by drawing them on canvas ) or to generate/texturize 3D models ( thus the number 3 in front of the application’s name ). 3Doodler took its name from merging of 2 expressions: “doodle” and “3D” which means the third dimension. So you can either doodle on 2D canvases or doodle on 3 dimensional models, or create new models by doodling on 2D canvas. In the end of this help, you will find some screencasts which explains how to complete certain tasks in 3Doodler, however these demos weren’t made by the real artist, so their artistic value is negligible.
After you finish your work, your doodles/sketches/models won’t go into the abyss of oblivion – by clicking “save”, you will store your sketch, and even replay of your work on server – this means that you can share your sketches with other people. When you create a new model, you won’t be able to save it on server – but you can save your work on your disk.

I’ve just quoted myself, so probably the quoting isn’t necessary, but… whatever.
To make this post more eye-catching, I will put some screenshots. From the logical point of view, they aren’t necessary, because you can just click this link and check everything out by yourself, but everything what concerns things like design,look and appearance isn’t too logical ( look at the appearance of some currently famous celebs, not too logical :) )

This is the 2D sketchpad ui ( ok, maybe not entire UI, I’ve cropped upper main menu and cut some grass on the bottom )
2D sketchpad uses different brushes: textured ones, photoshop-like ones, sprays.
The spray uses gaussian probability density function to make spray look more natural. Different sprays uses different blendModes.
There are also 3 special brushes I’ve “ripped off” ( he didn’t provide a source code, so I had several sleepless nights of working out how he did this ) of awesome Peter Blaskovic’s “Flame” – http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/#top . And I didn’t manage to obtain the same great effects that he had. But I don’t surrender my weapons and will try to get a bit closer to awesomeness of his flame ;)
EDIT: It appears that Peter Blaskovic didn’t invent these Flame-like shapes, this is an actual existing fractal structure by Scott Draves – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal_flame , I must include these thingies into 3Doodler

And now a few words about a 3D mode:

This is the texture editor:

This is a close-up to texture editor on real models:

And this is a screenshot of “custom model painter”, you paint your models and convert them to 3D. The screenshot is using the “Color” view mode, so the textures aren’t visible, but of course you  can change the view…

Now a little bit of gossip – 3Doodler allowed me to win polish FlexChallenge contest : ) yaay

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