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Automatic drawing recognition in javascript

April 1st, 2014

When working on the android recognition app, I’ve also made version in JavaScript. Its around 60 megabytes site, so its quite unusable. And it loads so long that you can start doubting that it’s going to load at all.
To see it, better turn off AdBlock (it has a bug which prevents some sources from loading) and use chrome.
To make it harder and less usable (and lighter for my dropbox), to see this site you must first go to my experimental domain, click and type “drawings”:
. This isn’t user friendly at all, so if you type something else in the box, or delete a letter, then the site will close itself and you will loose time that you wasted waiting for it.

It could be much more compact in flash/actionscript, but I wanted to check how fast is JS. It appears to be pretty fast ; )

The “save” button

… uploads your creation to imgur.

It is hosted on my dropbox, so when the transfer is exhausted, it won’t shutdown my blog ; )

ps. the javascript isn’t compressed or uglified, so you can see how it is all made.

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Automatic drawing recognition for Android

December 3rd, 2013

I’ve recently made a little app that recognizes drawings. Like all recognition software, to recognize something it must have some source of information. In case of drawings, I needed drawings of categorized objects drawed by different people. One of the papers from SIGGRAPH came to the rescue – it appears that somebody already made something like that. They have shared different resources that helped them with their work, one of them is an archive with 20 000 categorized images. The images were created using amazon mechanizal turk.
Information in this SIGGRAPH paper was a bit “sketchy” so I’ve created my own database and own interpretation of the recognition engine. My database appears to be 2x smaller than the one from the paper, but its nothing to be proud of because I’ve already had all these categorized images and the paper that gave me hints.
The workflow is as follows:

first, you draw an image and see at the bottom buttons what was recognized

Cool, it was recognized as “sponge bob”.

Let’s draw him an apple

Now position the apple on spongebob

Voila :f

Funny story, I’ve uploaded this app to Samsung app store, but they have rejected it on the last stage, because the tester said that his drawings shouldn’t disappear (they are replaced with “beautified” versions of your drawings). I guess I should make more idiot-proof app (as all apps and especially games these days) but I don’t know if I’m too old for this sh!t.


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