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Algorithmic fractalish Flowers

February 7th, 2014

There’s winter behind the window, so I’ve decided to grow my own plants.
There are many examples of interactive tree/plants generation, mainly done using a recursive algorithm, that draws a vertical line, then splits it on 2, then these 2 splits again and so on. I wanted to make something different, something like plant/foil-type graphics that were popular back in ~2005 year (then there was a boom for mirrors everywhere, like OSX cover flow, now we want everything to be made using drawRect method, like Windows8 ;) ).
This is an example:
old-style photoshop brush
old-style foliage

Maybe this is because videocopilot released a bunch of flower-like assets for photoshop and everybody used them. Some time ago they released particle effects of falling dust or snow with great dose of bokeh – then I saw it in hundreds of commercials and billboards.
OK, so this is the tree-drawer.


I did it in Flash, in JS canvas it would be slow to perform and slow to code.
I’ve made a button that allows you to save your graphics. Bad luck I did it now, since flowery design isn’t very fancy today, better if I did some Windows 8 – style rectangle drawer ; )
Settings – settings are pretty self-explanatory, if some are not then you are free to experiment.

If an app detects that there are too many leaves to draw, then it doesn’t draw new leaves, until old leaves are drawn. Esp. when you set a level of recursion too high, then it may get very cpu-intensive.

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